Why We Write


I found out too late about:

Cristian Mihai’s competition

Obviously I’ve thought about this theme previously.

Congratulations to the winner.




Poets have dreams on paper, that we craft

to sail thought’s ocean on an idea raft.

Unperturbed, though known ports may be far aft –

our “S.O.S.” means “Start On Second-draft.”

giphy-4 (1)

Poets have dreams beyond the ones we write;

it’s source for our creative appetite –

held carrots before the mind to excite

we beastly versers to scale to our height.


Poets have dreams that share, in metaphor,

with most or much of life, esprit de corps,

encouragement and the will to explore

what can be done and then do even more.


The dreams of poets lead us to our goal;

poets have dreams that guide us to our soul.


Why We Write

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