Defining Trait

We used to think it was our ability to use tools or the elegance of our reasoning or the architecture of opposable thumbs or brain size.
Maybe we need a new criteria to define our intelligence and what makes it distinct from other species on our planet.

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THE WRITE SPACE                         Some think                                                             that white space                                                                                                 — devoid of ink – will     slow     the     pace,                                                                                                        allowing thoughts to enter                            the mind of the reader, but a word in the center is just an impeder and total distraction.     When made to search the margins                                      to carry the thought […]


Silent Partner

SILENT PARTNER was originally published in 86 Logic, Spring 2021. No need to mention any of the names of those who ask me, “Why so quiet, James?” In truth, I’m quiet since I do not choose to shallowly discuss the evening news, to idly chat about weather reports or wager over who should win at […]

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LIFE IS BUT A MEME The knowledge and folly of the world are containedwithin the internet today. We carry it in pocket, purse or car, or mobile access to it anyway. It hasn’t made us any wiser though, to have these tidbits at our beck and call. If anything, it’s dumbed us down.Y’ know?The viral […]

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