Bard Of Mars Visits The Pink City

American Poet and Unofficial NASA Poet Laureate, James Ph. Kotsybar, with Jean-Patrick Chaminade, President of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA). As I look back on my experience, the best part about my week in Occitanie, was being introduced to hundreds of scientists and scholars as an American poet and not hearing, “So, […]

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Too Good An Opportunity To Miss

I have to ask for help to make this happen. Bard Of Mars At “La Ville Rose” Your donation will allow me to present my poetry in person to a scientifically inclined audience of five thousand international guests.  I hope to affirm for them that science and poetry are not in opposition, but benefit by […]

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Moral Compass

Needle spins too fast to point in firm direction, easy to lose way. No one anymore can distinguish greater good from lesser evil. When profit is weighed against cost in human lives, we sail uncompassed.  

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  RESEARCH GUIDELINES Throughout investigative history, a basic principle has long held sway: When we unravel Nature’s mystery, complexity’s the first to fall away. Upon one underpinning postulate, succinctly balanced, we’ve come to expect all facts that we’ve observed should always fit, with math that’s both appealing and correct. Proposing supposed significance, unless our models […]


Why We Write

  I found out too late about: Cristian Mihai’s competition Obviously I’ve thought about this theme previously. Congratulations to the winner.   WHY WE WRITE   Poets have dreams on paper, that we craft to sail thought’s ocean on an idea raft. Unperturbed, though known ports may be far aft – our “S.O.S.” means “Start […]

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