No Religion


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Thank you, FossiliteMusic, for the musical accompaniment. science_vs_religion_header



No need for Science to proselytize

nor offer any comfort to its flock.

Its only creed is to hypothesize,

then try to make its theories walk the walk.

And what it does it does for its own ends,

which are to comprehend all Creation.

Its sole concern’s the truth that it defends.

It offers progress, but not salvation.

Of the truth it doesn’t claim possession,

assigning it, wholly, to Nature’s laws.

Its spirit is the soul of discretion

and wary of frail doctrine fraught with flaws.

Despite reluctance to admit a goof,

it will, when it’s presented with the proof.

No Religion too

This sonnet came about as an answer to the accusation that science was itself a form of religion.  This is my comparative analysis of the two.

I hope everyone enjoys the song above as much as I do. FossiliteMusic  was kind enough to say they were pleased their music resonated with me.  How cool is that?  Much better than “nice working with you.”  I’m just honored they let me join in their fun.  Thank you.

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