Scientific Conceit

🎤   SCIENTIFIC CONCEIT As striking as a scientist’s mind is and undeniable as is his math, focus, by definition, tightens his perception, as he strides along his path.   While his predictive powers gain in might, and understanding and progress accrue, he takes pride in his clarity of sight, not apprehending it’s narrowed his […]

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COGNITIVE DISCORDANCE A man dependent on technology to communicate his brilliance of mind has nonetheless warned that biology cannot keep pace and may get left behind. As intelligence turns artificial, warns Hawking, it’s an existential threat. Benign for now and quite beneficial, future advances are yet to be met. As computational skill amasses, and A.I. […]



  MODERN NONCHALANCE The Sun King at his zenith prominence never knew how luxurious this feels. His lavish carriage conveyed opulence, but bumped down cobbled roads on wooden wheels. He’d have to let the horses rest and eat each journey, at least twice; it was no race, and … silent mostly, but for the hoof […]


Head And Heart

🤕 & 💘 🗣🎼🎤🎹 HEAD AND HEART The conscious mind’s had no real rationale to explain unreasoned romantic acts; endocrinology, however, shall provide new answers, based on sounder facts. This system, ruled by lobes within the brain, initiates emotions chemic’ly; adrenals startle, endorphins numb pain and hormones stimulate systemic’ly. This balance of drugs, dispensed with the aid of […]

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