Scientific Method

  SCIENTIFIC METHOD   When we set out to really understand the world, we must bring keen observation to bear upon the facts and reluctance to assume a hypothesis is correct until proven repeatedly through experiment. We must also abandon all our preconceptions, eliminate unrelated, stray variables and prepare to face the truth.   1, […]

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  PREMISES, PREMISES   Most everything (science assumes) repeats and that’s what makes it verifiable, but there have been a few astounding feats which, though unique, are undeniable, for instance life and its evolution or even the Big Bang, best we can tell – these lack a statistical solution, yet science seems to accommodate well. […]



  RESEARCH GUIDELINES Throughout investigative history, a basic principle has long held sway: When we unravel Nature’s mystery, complexity’s the first to fall away. Upon one underpinning postulate, succinctly balanced, we’ve come to expect all facts that we’ve observed should always fit, with math that’s both appealing and correct. Proposing supposed significance, unless our models […]


Head And Heart

🤕 & 💘 🗣🎼🎤🎹 HEAD AND HEART The conscious mind’s had no real rationale to explain unreasoned romantic acts; endocrinology, however, shall provide new answers, based on sounder facts. This system, ruled by lobes within the brain, initiates emotions chemic’ly; adrenals startle, endorphins numb pain and hormones stimulate systemic’ly. This balance of drugs, dispensed with the aid of […]

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Scientific Testament

SCIENTIFIC TESTAMENT   A scientist trusts in what has been proved through repeated experimentation. Assertions of faith will leave him unmoved until they have achieved validation. Religious beliefs often leave him cold and skeptical of professed prophecies based mostly on hearsay and tales twice-told, not carefully tested hypotheses. This doesn’t make him an atheist, though. […]

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Salt On A Bird’s Tail

SALT ON A BIRD’S TAIL “He went to catch a dicky bird, And thought he could not fail, Because he had a little salt, To put upon its tail.” — Simple Simon   The Scientific Method doubts itself and runs experiments designed to fail — run once, or twice or all the way to twelfth, […]

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