Pursuit Of Knowledge

What the uncertainty principle actually means is that some information automatically interferes with or obscures other information.  These are called complementary variables. Some examples are position and momentum, wave particle dualities and even energy and time (duration).  It is the limit of knowing with mathematical certainty two of a particle’s physical properties at the same time. At scales very small or very exacting it is as though there is a blurred focus that cannot be quite corrected. The clearer one variable the more random or less precise the other, hence the “fuzzy border” referred to in this poem.

pursuit of Knowledge tw

The world we know has a fuzzy border

at the limit of our best perception —

there’s more probability than order

and certainty is a misconception.

Simultaneity just seems absurd

now that Einstein’s explained relativity —

observers can’t know when they’ve seen or heard

an event without subjectivity.


The very atoms of which we are made

partly reside in hidden dimensions —

there may be a Multiverse unassayed

where we’ll lose nearly all our conventions,

but we must keep researching even though

we only find out how little we know.

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