Uncertainty Principle

Uncertainty Principal BOMThis Shakespearean sonnet takes a different take on uncertainty.  Some may question the existence of poetry with a clear message, but I maintain that poetry need not obfuscate. Some may deny that “Uncertainty Principle” is a poem, so to help them better understand, here is the version with the “proper” line breaks:




Poets and scientists are forever

philosophizing the same great questions.

Despite their best efforts, they have never

come up with anything but suggestions

for the meaning of life or why we’re here

or the ultimate cause of existence.

They’ll never get better than close, it’s clear,

and yet they persist in their persistence,

with allegory, premise and theory,

to lock down the answers larger than they.

Whatever the Age, they don’t get weary

of adding their voices, with more to say,

and, while there is some progress we can see,

what emerges is never certainty.


If there is any hidden poetic agenda here, it is just to beware of the type of hubris that makes us think we know it all.  While not in the Bard Of Mars manuscript, this limerick elaborates with caution:





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