Inside Cover Flaps

Bard of Mars double cover flaps seager

This 80 page manuscript has been under consideration by three publishing houses in the past three years.  Most currently, Smithsonian Books wrote:

“Hello Jim,

Thank you again for allowing Smithsonian Books to review your proposal for BARD OF MARS.  We enjoyed reading the poetry and found it very unique, but unfortunately decided it is not a good fit for us at this time.  We believe it falls too far out of our typical subject range to pursue.

There is much to admire in this piece and we wish you the best of luck.

Thank you again,


Jaime Schwender

Smithsonian Books”

Of course, this is a rejection, but the rejections seem to be getting better.  I can hone this one into a pretty fair review:
“Enjoyed reading … found it very unique … much to admire” — Smithsonian Books




If anyone has any idea of where to go from here, with a book that has merit but no category to determine sales quotients, please put me in touch with that publisher.

The story behind “Bard Of Mars”

Let’s get this book in print, without resorting to self-publication!

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