Sidereal Atlas

It would be possible to chart a course for a planet in another galaxy, only to find out its star had already gone supernova before we had even begun our journey.  Since, at present, we have no hope of traveling faster than light, we can only obtain distant information at the speed of light, so […]

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PAREIDOLIA (The Shapes Of Perception)   Predators have faces, so our brain is hardwired to recognize such shapes that may be hidden amidst the terrain, since before modern man emerged from apes.   Our imagination’s proclivity to spot a beast’s approach or arrival is not a gauge of creativity but evolutionary survival. The animals viewed […]

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Pursuit Of Knowledge

What the uncertainty principle actually means is that some information automatically interferes with or obscures other information.  These are called complementary variables. Some examples are position and momentum, wave particle dualities and even energy and time (duration).  It is the limit of knowing with mathematical certainty two of a particle’s physical properties at the same […]

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