PREMISES, PREMISES   Most everything (science assumes) repeats and that’s what makes it verifiable, but there have been a few astounding feats which, though unique, are undeniable, for instance life and its evolution or even the Big Bang, best we can tell – these lack a statistical solution, yet science seems to accommodate well. […]



COGNITIVE DISCORDANCE A man dependent on technology to communicate his brilliance of mind has nonetheless warned that biology cannot keep pace and may get left behind. As intelligence turns artificial, warns Hawking, it’s an existential threat. Benign for now and quite beneficial, future advances are yet to be met. As computational skill amasses, and A.I. […]



  MODERN NONCHALANCE The Sun King at his zenith prominence never knew how luxurious this feels. His lavish carriage conveyed opulence, but bumped down cobbled roads on wooden wheels. He’d have to let the horses rest and eat each journey, at least twice; it was no race, and … silent mostly, but for the hoof […]



THE IMAGINARY ABSOLUTE Gustav Köln was a physicist for life. His work had been all that mattered to him, but he had recently taken a wife –
a dedicated co-worker named Kim.             She’d always been worshipfully supportive to scientific quests and inquiry, but she had turned quite clearly abortive
 on what was his big opportunity. […]


Completely Contented

“I do not see how a man can work on the frontiers of physics and write poetry at the same time. They are in opposition.”
– Paul Dirac to Robert Oppenheimer

“You forgot that science has evolved from poetry, and failed to see that a change of times might beneficently reunite the two as friends, at a higher level and to mutual advantage.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Unique Parameters

UNIQUE PARAMETERS   There is only one answer to creation. Though we don’t nearly understand it yet, there’s but one elegant variation emerging from initial values set that even allows molecules to be, much less achieve complexity of life, or suns to burn their planets distantly with not too much but with the needed strife. […]

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SOLIDLY Ethereal

I thought I would introduce this post with a (reverse) fibonacci. The number of syllables in each line of the poem is the sum of the following two lines. Now, here is today’s featured sonnet on atomic structure.  

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Topping The Star Charts

Happy 40th Anniversary to Voyagers 1 & 2!  Almost out of the solar system, traveling faster than anything else man has ever built, soon (in an astronomical sense) you will announce our presence to the rest of the intelligent universe (if it exists). You are our first spacecraft unable to ask, “Are we there yet?” […]

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