Ardent Encounters


“British astronomers have found that the giant black holes

in the centers of galaxies are on average spinning faster

than at any time in the history of the Universe.”

— May 23, 2011, Royal Astronomical Society





Two galaxies lose themselves in embrace.

Their once separate identities merge.

The black holes at their hearts begin to race

and spin faster as these dancers converge.

Drawn to each other, sharing all they are,

Eventually they become just one.

Their hearts, which seemed quiescent from afar,

are rocked by the encounter that’s begun.

Andromeda and Milky Way are two

who’ve found each other in the void of space,

and their attraction can only accrue,

until they come together face to face,

and, in the fireworks that will ensue,

new stars will be conceived and born anew.

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