Late Heavy Bombardment

  Four billion years ago, the solar system was a shooting gallery.  However, without these asteroids and comets bringing Earth the necessary raw materials, life may never have begun.  Once life is present, these gifts from space are an entirely different matter.  Just ask the dinosaurs, well look to their fossils, that is.  

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Sidereal Atlas

It would be possible to chart a course for a planet in another galaxy, only to find out its star had already gone supernova before we had even begun our journey.  Since, at present, we have no hope of traveling faster than light, we can only obtain distant information at the speed of light, so […]

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The First Stars

  The eighth line of this sonnet was originally: “just that they were of an unstable class,” However, as a nod to public relations astronomer, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, I changed it to the more colorful phrasing seen here.  It makes the entire poem seem more “badass.”

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“A” Is For Astronomy

This Shakespearean sonnet deals with the concept of “We Are Stardust.”  Because the heavier elements and molecules that make us up originate inside the hearts of stars by the process of fusion.  With the exception of hydrogen, helium and some lithium, all that composes us was forged in the interior of primordial stars. However, fusion […]

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