Opening Night


The version below is slightly revised.




With random movements but organized steps

the Universe shimmers like a diva,

caped with luminescent wings,

as, unexcelled,

she soars through the spotlight brilliance

of her own production.


She is the stars

and lights the stage,

yet provides a level of mystery

and noir matter to her performance that

eludes critically complete description,

bemusing her reviewers.


Her choreography,

based on simple laws of gravitation,

achieves relational complexity

with spin and grouping.


As patterns emerge

in this cosmic kaleidoscope,

the already spectacular e x p a   n     d       s

with impossible speed

into the unknowable infinite.


Ensembles troupe across the stage of space.

Whole galaxies dance and merge in embrace.



The title here is a double entendre on an opening-night performance and seeing what was thought to be a dark patch of sky open up into an array of multi colored jeweled galaxies in the Hubble deep space images. It’s striking how much these many distant galaxies seem like a sequined cape, sparkling in the spotlight.

Of course, the diva modeling her luminescent cape is also the light that dresses her and her own spotlights, in which she sparkles, allowing us the electromagnetic view of her whirling dervish dance.

Since her choreography is based on laws of gravitation, her sequin galaxies seem to spin too fast to hold together. Unseen dark (noir) matter must explain her tight performance but since no one knows precisely what dark matter is, her critical reviewers (scientists) are bewildered.

Like dancers, some galaxies merge in embrace. Others spin forever asunder to opposite sides of a faster than light offstage. The choreography becomes kaleidoscopic, because it is the same in all directions (universal rotational symmetry), and it is a grand, expanding dance.

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