TESS Sera, Sara

TESS SeraSara

TESS Sera, Sara

— after watching Professor Sara Seager’s press conference on NASA TV


Awaiting data,

smiles at questions put to her,

foreseeing new worlds.


This is Sara Seager’s time to shine, and I couldn’t be happier for her.  The kid at the candy store window doesn’t even come close to an accurate analogy of her scientifically mature and tempered desire for the wealth of discovery nearly in her reach — everyone’s reach, as she makes clear, talking about the TESS mission’s data soon to be available.  NASA wants anyone with an interest to share in these historical findings, and Sara Seager is the enthusiastic docent to bring us to an understanding as the information comes in regarding the new-found worlds around suns other than our own.


The title translated from French is “TESS WILL BE, SARA”

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