Further inspired by Robert Frost’s form, this poem touches on the very sensitive membrane of a black hole, where although we know physics breaks down, we hope its laws will nonetheless point the way through the chaos of infinities we encounter at a singularity’s boundary.  But what happens when things accelerate into a black hole, violating Nature’s light-speed limit?  Can time be dragged to a standstill due to orbital decay velocities?



hqdefault (14)

Since space expands, then time can, too.

That surely has occurred to you.

Therefore, of course, it must condense.

Just simple logic makes this true.


If you agree that this makes sense,

let’s understand its influence.

If time contracts or spreads thinly

where do we find the evidence?


Accelerate velocity

and time will slow, accordingly.

Could this then mean,

without a doubt,

gravity rules time’s density?

Does time pass, when black holes wink out?

What gravitation is about,

even for physicists devout,

is not so easy to work out.


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