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When the general public hears about

A breakthrough in scientific research,

They want to add their voices to the shout,

So as not to feel they’re left in the lurch.

That they have opinions, there is no doubt.

They’ll foist themselves into the dialogue,

When something sensational’s put in print.

Though their comments reveal they’re in a fog,

Without having the slightest clue or hint,

It won’t prevent them posting to the blog.

Most often, all they can add is their moan:

“Why can’t science leave well enough alone?”


Comments for this entry are closed

Actually ,this comments section is very much open, and I would love to hear what you have to say.  Just don’t troll me, Dude!

2 thoughts on “Comments For This Entry Are Closed

  1. I put a lot of the blame on the popular press rather than the general public. The public is often woefully misinformed about the latest scientific discoveries or about how science works in general.


  2. Good point! So, we must educate the popular press. Unfortunately, they would rather have any unvetted “expert” explain for them than try to understand what’s reported themselves.


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