Suited To The Equation


Suited To The Equation bardblog



The Universe reflects itself

in universal parity —

the ultimate kaleidoscope…

symmetric similarity.

Matter mirrors antimatter,

so why shouldn’t every part

on down to sub-atomic scale

have an echoing counterpart?

This premise fuels the current hope,

that this elegance will be found.

Reality should follow suit

from mathematics that are sound.


Like art museum curators

whose descriptions try to impart

a trenchant, true analysis

of leitmotif that they can chart,

equations tell us where to look

for the artistic invention,

to understand the Artist’s mind,

assuming Artist’s intention.

Although these models might just be

idealized representation

departing from reality,

figments of imagination,

these figures may be all we have,

though they are just intervening,

to help us find the hidden truths

and the deeper, richer meaning.

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