RARIFIED   The physicist had reached the end of equations he’d toiled for years. Excited, he called an old friend, to invite him out for some beers. When asked about the occasion, he smugly announced he’d worked out the quark confinement equation, beyond any shadow of doubt. For strings of ev’ry dimension his elegant math […]

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Higher Dimensions

HIGHER DIMENSIONS From point to line to plane to sphere we see just three dimensions here, and each dimension has a name that we can easily proclaim.   If we would further interact, we must devise the tesseract — a cube that turns its outsides in, spinning in imagination — and thus we have dimension […]

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Chances Are

For those who like to parse a poem, you may have noticed both gods and God appear in the first three stanzas. The reference in the first stanza to Einstein comes from the famous response he received from Niels Bohr for his often repeated adage expressing his distaste for quantum mechanical theory that God doesn’t […]

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ILLUMINATED   The physicists in their studies transcribe formulae that define reality. Theirs is a cloistered yet secular tribe that daily deals with strict duality. Foremost, their math must be made to agree, precisely, with all that can be observed, though, often, what we are able to see can misinform, they must not be unnerved. […]


Entropic Hope

ENTROPIC HOPE   Dr. Smart, with sweeping dioramics, summarized theory accepted today: “The first few laws of thermodynamics: You can’t win, break even or get away.   “No matter speed of acceleration, the universe runs down since the Big Bang. The fate of order is dissipation. The spring, once sprung, can’t be re-sprung. It sprang. […]

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Anyone who works long enough with words, eventually starts to invent new ones.  Just ask yourself what is the word for reverse entropy or look up entropy antonyms in the dictionary or thesaurus. Not there? Then what would be the right word based on established etymology? Hence, I present to you the word “RETROPY,” as […]

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