CETACEAN SOUL SEARCH   When a whale looks you in the eye, it’s to communicate and learn – species to species.   A whale’s eye is a picture window to its soul – a panoramic view of kind receptiveness deeper than, by comparison, our tiny brains. It’s not just the size differential that tells you […]


Fusion Reaction

Fusion Reaction   “Thermonuclear” sounds harsh, let’s say, “solar wind” – ten billion year gust.   I think this is one of NASA’s most beautiful, recent photo-animations.  Haiku to the view!

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The Velveteen Rabbit – James Ph. Kotsybar — BARD OF MARS

Originally posted on Brave & Reckless: It’s good to know that love that you can feel can be returned, so, as you sow you’ll reap – especially when things turn very real and service leaves you thrown on the burn heap. Proving yourself to be a loyal friend May prove far easier than finding proof…

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Bard Of Mars Visits The Pink City

American Poet and Unofficial NASA Poet Laureate, James Ph. Kotsybar, with Jean-Patrick Chaminade, President of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA). As I look back on my experience, the best part about my week in Occitanie, was being introduced to hundreds of scientists and scholars as an American poet and not hearing, “So, […]

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Grab for the data! Information is power, if it’s understood.     TEST FOR TRAITS   Genome sequences only predispose.  Their code does not control you.         YOUR 23 Small deviations are all these tests are seeking — not heredity.               MEDICAL MARKERS   In A.M.A.’s […]

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