MODERN NONCHALANCE The Sun King at his zenith prominence never knew how luxurious this feels. His lavish carriage conveyed opulence, but bumped down cobbled roads on wooden wheels. He’d have to let the horses rest and eat each journey, at least twice; it was no race, and … silent mostly, but for the hoof […]


Life In Europa

One of four discovered (in 1610) by Galileo, Europa is the smallest of the Galilean moons, but still larger than Pluto.  It is very bright because it is entirely covered in ice. When Zeus (Jupiter) raped Europa, he “abducted” her in the form of a white bull.  In the above collage, you can see the […]

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The Nurture Of Nature

THE NURTURE OF NATURE We think we can preserve the life we see by simply storing it genetic’ly, or in museums of taxidermy or zoos, that almost let it wander free. An animal that’s caged might perform stunts But wont display natural behavior the tiger that is fed no longer hunts, and the zookeeper is […]

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