Hear Here




Hammer, anvil, stirrup and drum

echo vibrations in the Eustachian cave —

down into its enclosed cochlear chamber —

where wave modulations are measured

for interpretation by the brain,

giving meaning and music

to the chaos of sound.


I remember hearing a story

of a king’s satorical conversion

while contemplating his daughter’s ear,

but I can’t find the Wiki-reference.


Although parochially taught and confused with saint mythology,

This fragmented and half remembered tale nourished

my young imagination till I realized:

It was not the comprehension this noble already possessed,

but a loving and full appreciation,

that inspired him to awe and devotion.


This philosopher king who knew the inner workings of the ear

wept, when gently whispering his daughter’s name,

she turned her head in receptive anticipation

of the message he found himself too moved to voice.

tenor (11)

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