View From Earth

Sequel to BARD OF MARS

View From Earth cover


Ubiquitous, therefore hard to assess, an elegant complexity is found,


quite dauntingly difficult to express, innately lavish, vibrantly unbound.

sunset-landscape-england-ocean-glow-amazing-orange-coast-fiery-dazzling-sea-sunrise-sky-summer-nature-beautiful-lovely-reflection-rays-view-shore-hd-screensavers-1801x1080.jpgFrom forest to the desert or the sea,

from far or in a microscopic view,


at any scale, it works exquisitely,

and wonder, awe and reverence are its due.

eco-scienceFit flawlessly together without seam, it’s an elaborate phenomenon.
Each part is integral to the extreme. So beautiful this planet we are on!

e8a4baf75320ae9bbb770d814e9b47d8Let’s strive to be more consciously aware

nature_hd_background-wallpaper-1152x864.jpgAnd take a grateful moment for a prayer.

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