Missing Links


While not all strictly science related, here are some more internet tracks:


First from Lit.org, my first online nom de keyboard, POETEYE


While I have drifted from this site recently, I am proud of my association with Lit.org.  I’ve have met an amazing array of poets here, some I will remember forever.


Talos Animated

The Odes to The Olympians contest was held by the scholars at Tapestry Of Bronze.


My poem about the god of war was chosen for honorable mention.



The Society of Classical Poets honored me with the creation of this webpage:


Thank you, Evan Mantyk.



I was very pleased at my sonnet’s acceptance by Mason’s Road.


This was inspired by a study that proved butterflies retain memories from their pre-pupated state (caterpillars).



I could go on and on, but I think I’ll save more references for another day.

(except for the local Lompoc Record newspaper)

I don’t want to seem too pleased with myself.

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