Sagittarius A*

Sagittarius A*

This Acrostic poem spells Milky Way Galaxy down the left margin, to commemorate finding the super massive black hole at our own galaxy’s center, called Sagittarius A (and here, the word “Star” is what’s spoken, but it’s written as:) “*.”

So the title is “Sagittarius A* , pronounced Sagittarius-A-Star (stop looking for the footnote).

The reason we suspect a super massive black hole at our galaxy’s center is the speed with which stars circle a very small spot.  Massive gravity is required for this, yet we can’t directly image the source (due to dust) in visible light.  X-rays, however can bring us a clearer picture.

Interestingly it is also a an area of stellar births or nursery, despite the destructiveness at its core.




Mysteriously cloaked, obscure despite

Interior illuminating glare,

Long veiled by your own dusty lace-curtain,

Kept hidden, locked within your gallery,

You work continuously through the night.


We speculate about what goes on there

And, though still not absolutely certain,

Your close companions that we’ve seen scurry


Give us reason for darkest suspicion

About the nature of your deepest part,

Long overlooked, seething with sedition,

And we believe we’ve glimpsed rapacious art.

X-rays show what other light can’t impart:

Young stars conceal a black hole at your heart.


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