Pent Sills

graphite-pencil-and-graphene-581747057-5817628d5f9b581c0b334479What stories are held inside a black hole?  Is information even stored inside or is it lost entirely in the quantum, slow-motion evaporation that occurs randomly at its boundary?

Noticing the sharpened point of my pencil, it seemed to me that information stored in the graphene was slowly and tediously in fits and starts, in a way that gradually diminished the black hole point of the pencil, occasionally but unpredictably revealing its data on the page to offer a view or window (sill) into a compact (pent) singularity (story line).

Pent Sills blog

(Poet’s acquiescence:  I have changed the third line to “yet conceived,” although I feel poets are entirely justified in creating new words, the distinction here is too small.)



These graphite singularities

contain universes

yet conceived,

awaiting the Big Bang

of inspiration, but

narrative particles

escape like

Hawking radiation —

gravity’s diminution

evaporatively slow,

nearly virtual,

and random.

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