Genesis Passe

This poem ponders what it was like for God, before there was a universe, and boredom seems the immediate answer to what’s it like to be infinite and perfect.  With all things in unity but nothing in existence, there would be no action, no accomplishment, just endless sameness.

But for something to come into being, its opposite also is defined.

So logic leads to the conclusion that the first creative act was the creation of dichotomy.

Naturally this makes the biblical story of creation looking a bit more like a stilted moral lesson than an investigation of origin or explanation of divine plan.

The title of this sonnet indicates a theory of origin that makes the Old Testament story of creation seem out of date, while at the same time confessing that it doesn’t know (for certain) what it is talking about.  Logic and reason are great gifts, and using them to arrive at the big answers is neither misguided nor sacrilegious.  It may not be correct, however.  Like science, poetic philosophy is a process.

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