The villanelle, “SUPERLUMINELLE,” first appeared in The Society of Classical Poets, Annual Journal, Vol.1, 2013.




The Universe is expanding,

faster than the limit of light,

beyond common understanding.


Cosmology is demanding.

Its study is by no means slight.

The Universe is expanding.


Physics’ heroes, quite outstanding,

have applied their full mental might

beyond common understanding.


There’s no point in reprimanding,

as we gaze out into the night,

the Universe is expanding.


The truth of fact is commanding.

Whatever is has to be right,

beyond common understanding.


Einstein’s physics notwithstanding,

much quicker than what we call bright,

the Universe is expanding

beyond common understanding.


Whenever I attempt a new creative form, I like to incorporate its name into the title.  This is my first villanelle, a French form made famous by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”), about the superluminal expansion of the cosmos, so I spelled it Superluminelle.

Those who are bright (or quick) enough will recognize the puns in the last stanza.



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