FATED NEBULAE   Like supernovae artists, clouds disperse behemoth art, as stars annihilate. “Sombrero,” “Crab” and “Horsehead” populate the gallery of our known universe. There’s “Eagle” and “Pillars Of Creation,” There’s “Ant,” “Tarantula” and “Pelican.” There’s even one called “Big Running Chicken.” One slightly resembles our great nation. These interstellar Rorschach tests reveal the shapes […]


Cosmic Prediction

Betelgeuse is the armpit of Orion, literally.  That is to say that it’s name translates to just that, and it is located in what astronomers politely refer to today as Orion’s shoulder. Already the second brightest star in Orion (after Rigel) and the ninth brightest star we can see, it may soon (any day, in […]

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