ASTRONOMY TODAY A single, barely blushing pixel tells of another world that could be like our own – so far away, it’s at the resolution limit of our very best telescopes. nonetheless, it still speaks volumes within this dot. I love the form of the fibonacci  in reverse for this particular topic.  Its lines diminish […]


Topping The Star Charts

Happy 40th Anniversary to Voyagers 1 & 2!  Almost out of the solar system, traveling faster than anything else man has ever built, soon (in an astronomical sense) you will announce our presence to the rest of the intelligent universe (if it exists). You are our first spacecraft unable to ask, “Are we there yet?” […]

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What We See

Parsimonious:  stingy or frugal Retinal:  relating to the layer of cells at the back of the eyeball that are sensitive to visible light due to absorbing pigments that trigger nerve impulses to the visual cortex of the brain   By most estimates, we see less than four hundred thousandths of the electromagnetic spectrum (light), or […]

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