Flat Meat Diner

This poem was originally published in Lummox, Oct, 2014.  https://issuu.com/poetraindog/docs/revisedl3sampler/9 Flat Meat Diner The highway stretches like an endless, mall food-court for turkey buzzards.    

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Addictive Designs

Addictive Designs   Originally published in Orchids magazine, this remains the only poem published by this magazine of the American Orchid Society, since it’s 1932 inception. James Ph. Kotsybar   Renowned for what he’d long ago begun, John tried to take a step back from his life and figure out just what it was he’d […]

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Beastly Obsession

🎼🎤 🎶 play This offering is just a little treat for Halloween.  It is the first of what I call my expanded sonnets, sonnet squared or sonnet sets.  Each is composed of 14 Shakespearean sonnets (196 lines of poetry), and ends with the last two sonnets having the same, but transposed rhyme scheme, so as to […]

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Neurologically Normal

NEUROLOGICALLY NORMAL Swimming in separate body oceans a variety of evolutions take place. In the dark, with secret motions, the neurons bunch in weird convolutions. Held gently afloat in nutrient brine, their dendrites mysteriously enlaced, they interact in ways hard to define, within the skulls in which they are encased. So they don’t become depressed […]

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