PEDAGOGIC PROTOCOL   Be careful what analogies you use. Sometimes they are literally taken and could misrepresent, mislead, confuse, or trap in a premise that’s mistaken the very minds that you seek to inform about the design and nature of things, and, worse, it could just cause them to conform to notions false and erred […]


Catch As Cat Cat

Catch As Cat Can Due to quantum flux in which it is caught, Schrödinger’s cat’s both still and a breather. Something that has to be either or not can also be both while it is neither. The observer is the important part, determining the final feline fate. By measurement, there beats a feline heart. By […]

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Schrödinger‘s Outcome

If explanation is desired, a “bit” is anything with two choices (such as alive or dead, on or off, etc.) and is therefore binary (either/or).  Of course, in the quantum world this binary distinction breaks down when unobserved and can become both and neither, simultaneously, until measurement (observation) occurs. Schrödinger‘s Outcome   Schrödinger reduced his […]

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