Bee Longing

  The column of the cymbidium orchid resembles a primitive canoe, and it is designed to fit the pollinator lured to it by its deceptive enticements of color and fragrance promising nectar and pollen.  The bright markings and the callus on the lip act as a landing strip for the visiting bee. Often, when orchids […]

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PONDEROUS PUNDIT   In the future, there’s a scientist who arrives at what is ultimately true, but, since the only way to share his view is to bore his listeners through and through with lectures that lull to literal sleep before he completes his explanations, the concepts he conveys will have to keep, since he […]


Sculptures of Marmorean Clay

SCULPTURES OF MARMOREAN CLAY (While presented here in prose format, this is a 196-line poem of fourteen Shakespearean sonnets.) When you’re a struggling sculptor and artist, you take your supplies where you can find them; especially when things get the hardest, the smallest find can seem a treasured gem. So Patrick was really happy the […]

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HONORARY ALIEN   Zee almost screamed; it had happened again: Another man had told her the same thing — about his light ship and cosmic spacemen — and from this one she’d accepted a ring! And she would have married him, so she sighed. He was so handsome, intelligent, strong…   “How could a nut […]