The title of this (haiku) poem is my own coined word for the reverse of entropy (from our frame) experienced by “retropic” (faster than light speed) particles, such as tachyons.   RETROPY Sometimes particles can go faster than light speed and backwards in time.      

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DARK ENERGY ILLUSION If you travel at near the speed of light, the Universe before you seems to shrink, but as you slow down, then what you see might appear to expand, so that’s what you’d think. And if this actually is the case – that what we see is truly expanding – as we […]



  PREMISES, PREMISES   Most everything (science assumes) repeats and that’s what makes it verifiable, but there have been a few astounding feats which, though unique, are undeniable, for instance life and its evolution or even the Big Bang, best we can tell – these lack a statistical solution, yet science seems to accommodate well. […]



OFF THE SCALE 🎧  The young lady known simply as Bright, who could travel speeds faster than light, said, “While I’m never late,   I’m concerned that my weight reaches infinite mass, though I’m slight.”    

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Poetry And Science

Poetry and Science Science tries to answer some great questions, in fact the greatest questions of our day. At very least, it offers suggestions for how to frame these questions, anyway. This role is one that poets, too, have played. Both correlate their data to convey their particular premise and persuade, or at least to […]

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Intellect and Conviction

INTELLECT AND CONVICTION   Einstein was brilliant, we all can agree. He opened up new possibility – the Theory of Relativity he worked out, questing for simplicity. His equation, E=mc2, is a well-accepted reality; there’s no doubt about how well it has fared in destruction and practicality. Though people know this, most don’t understand the […]

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